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Professional Security Systems Services For Your Home Business

The Spy Place offers an extensive range of consultation, installation and maintenance services for Commercial and Residential customers. We have the experience and trained professionals to solve even the most challenging security needs and commonly provide the following:

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems
The Spy Place specializes in CCTV  systems design and installation and can implement solutions from a single camera installation to the most sophisticated surveillance systems.

Covert Camera Systems
The Spy Place carries a wide range of covert cameras which can be integrated into most any of our professionally designed surveillance systems. Covert cameras play an integral role in identifying employee theft, fraud, shoplifting, slip and fall, and a variety of other scenarios. They are also ideal in many residential applications to monitor household employees such as nannies, babysitters and cleaning staff.

Remote Video Monitoring
The Spy Place offers Remote Video Monitoring with many of our surveillance systems. Remote Video Monitoring  allows the user to view a monitored location from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This technology has revolutionized the convenience of camera monitoring and is regularly implemented in both commercial and residential settings.

Camera System Monitoring Service
Don't have time to remotely monitor your own cameras? Let us do it for you! The Spy Place offers 24-hour remote video monitoring by a professional staff who are trained to identify potential risks and notify you immediately for a modest monthly fee.

GPS Tracking
We offer tracking devices suitable for large and small fleet vehicles. Our premier GPS system offers the powerful combination of advanced vehicle location plus remote diagnostics, so you can determine where a vehicle is AND when the vehicle will need service. Reports include stops, starts, idling, MPG (miles per gallon) and even maximum speeds. Whether you require real-time vehicle tracking or a passive tracking unit, The Spy Place can implement the perfect GPS Tracking solution. Proof of ownership of all vehicles must be established for this service to be performed.

Access Control
The technology within access control systems has advanced beyond simple card swipe or code entry access. Facilities can now be access controlled with thumbprint, hand print, retinal scans, and other biometric devices. Gain control and protect your premises/employees with state-of-the-art access control system configured specifically for your location(s).

National Accounts
If your business has more than five locations that require security or surveillance services, The Spy Place security professionals can help seamlessly safeguard all of your sites with our exceptional business alarm system and video surveillance technology and monitoring services.

Custom Installation Provider
The Spy Place provides our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, The Spy Place can arrive at the client's location in whatever manner they choose. We can arrive in our high-profile trademarked logo vehicles, wearing The Spy Place uniforms, during normal business hours to alert those in the area and employees of the installation of surveillance and security equipment, or we can arrive in non-descript unmarked vehicles, without uniforms, during the dead of night, to allow for total covert security control, or we can do both to provide a complete visible and covert security and surveillance blanket for your business

The Spy Place recommends that its clients use both visible and covert security and surveillance components to allow them to have the benefits of the deterrent factor of visible systems, as well as the surveillance ability of covert systems. A combination of both allows business owners to fully supervise and monitor customers and employees.


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